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Discussion in 'Styles [Archive]' started by Russ, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Updated For 1.1 B2 XenForo Release

    Updated For 1.0.4 XenForo Stable Release

    Hello :) In the season of fall I've been toying with XenForo I've come up with this template. I hope you all like it!

    I've attached the logo.psd as well even though it's nothing fancy :). The font that I used is linked inside the .txt file.

    Updated 10/09/2011
    • Updated for 1.1 Beta 2
    • Corrected Sprites
    You can view a demo of this skin on my clan's site

    Attached Files:

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  2. whitetrash

    whitetrash Active Member

    TIGHT!! Thanks.
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  3. Sadik B

    Sadik B Well-Known Member

    That's really well done...
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  4. yavuz

    yavuz Well-Known Member

    Looks nice Russ, great work.
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  5. Chris Keenan

    Chris Keenan Member

    looks good :cool:
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  6. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

    Looks great :)...

    Only thing I would change is the arrows on the avatar block to the other side.
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  7. Vicros

    Vicros Active Member

    Not too shabby..
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  8. Pope Viper

    Pope Viper Well-Known Member

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  9. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Thank you guys for the kind words :) Ceri May I'm working on fixing that on the next little release of the template :), I'll post an updated version once I clean up the style a bit.
  10. whitetrash

    whitetrash Active Member

    looks great on your site, well done!
  11. moody

    moody Active Member

    i lke it alot!
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  12. borbole

    borbole Well-Known Member

    It looks very sharp. Good work there :)
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  13. Thomas P

    Thomas P Member

    Nice, thanks for sharing
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  14. projectego

    projectego Active Member

    Very nice! I really like the choice of colours you went for. :)
  15. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone :), I should have an updated version of the style out tonight, I looked over just a couple things initially, I'm off to work then I'll upload a new version tonight :)
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  16. Tim

    Tim Active Member

  17. moody

    moody Active Member

    Great, will it include a fix for this problem (see attachment) or is it a problem on my end?

    Attached Files:

  18. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    moody what browser is there so I can take a look at it? I don't think i've made enough changes to do something of that nature haha, but I can help debug it. The fix is actually mainly color issues.
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  19. moody

    moody Active Member

    tried with chrome, safari and firefox they display all the same.

    I messed around with the navigation.css and the links are visible but still not like your demo site which looks alot better.
  20. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Did you install that portal mod using my theme?

    Moody scratch that, you forgot to upload the xfstop in the styles directory :)

    It uses 2 gradients that are in the xfstop folder, I plan on adding some more custom images down the road or else I would have kept it as the default images.

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