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XFStarcraft - Upcoming style


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Hello :), working on developing this style and it's coming along nicely coding wise! Just thought I'd give a teaser, I'm doing this for a buddy of mine. Design by a friend. This preview doesn't show the sidebar as I told my friend to do the general elements and I'll fill in the blanks while coding.



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Colors are nice
Needs starcraft-like icons instead of that ugly lock

Header looks low quality
Background looks not very interesting, could improve
Thanks :), it's all low quality due how I saved the image, looks a much cleaner regularly though.

Thanks for the comments, and icons I will take a second look


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This would be awesome if we could maybe modify the skin a lil bit to match any background. Maybe instead of this just being a Starcraft style, what about maybe a multi gaming style. That i can use for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3?


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Very nice style as I'm a starcraft lover but don't play it, I play more World of Warcraft so I'm working on xenCraft or xenWarcraft haven't decided on a name for the style yet.