Creating resources for upcoming XF2


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Just read the new Welcome thread for XF2 today and really excited to start working on some resources now that it's that close to a public version.

One question though, it mentions the current Preview build is feature locked and doesn't contain an updater -- would it be safe to start building styles on the current Preview build, and be able to upgrade later into the beta and official releases?

Or from a design standpoint, is it more practical to wait until the public beta? Basically looking to get a head start in porting over material from XF1.

I appreciate any insight,

Chris D

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We've been releasing XF2 developer previews for a number months - it would have been safe to start even then :)

Here's our developer documentation if you want to get started:

If you're just using XF2 for development you don't need to worry about upgrading. In terms of moving your add-ons to the public beta or stable versions you would just use the developer tools to export / build your add-on and then install them again from scratch in the new version.

Good luck!


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That's awesome to know and thanks for the resource link! I have about 14 styles and a custom theme framework that will need to be ported over little by little, probably should have begun earlier then as you mentioned :cry:

Looking forward to the work though and rebuilding from scratch for cleaner, optimized resources.

Thanks again,