Add-on A few features for an upcoming project - Possible with current XF addons?


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I have a few features that would be essential for this project, and I was wondering if anyone know different addons/solutions that could make that possible. I have already tracked down a few addons that will fill my need for my the exclusive feature-set I plan on bringing =)

But I have a few critical ones left:

The most critical function, is the game database. Are there any similar addons out there?

Adding items to a database, customizable fields (in this case it would be amount of players, playtime, publisher, genres etc), ability to add plenty of custom fields that also will be filterable on an index page. Needs to have the ability to show the most "voted/reviewed/popular (forum threads)/etc" games.
Allow users to vote (only score), review (requires a text to go alongside the vote), comment, ask questions in sub-forums etc.
Example of something similar:
Annotation 2020-05-09 134726.webp

Logging of plays.
Allow users to log their plays (select game in the database above), then filling out various details about their play session with images etc. Allow other users to comment on these entries.
Plusses would be being able to see various assortment of statistics (top scores, most played games etc).
Example of something similar:
Annotation 2020-05-09 135310.webp

Finding something that fits perfectly is probably impossible, but at least seeing something that might work, and maybe I can customize it to fit =)
This type of stuff is exactly what is completely missing in XF. We have a lot of moderation and styling type of addons but very few content focused stuff.

For the first thing, you want to use either the RM or @Bob s Showcase addon. I chose the latter. You can then modify the display of items with some customization but nobody will provide that for you. You either do it yourself or pay someone.
Then you need @AddonsLab Filter addons for filtering, either the one for Showcase or the one for RM.

So you can let your users create Showcase items or RM items and let them fill out the stuff you need.

Statistics? There is no addon I am aware of. I had to get a custom addon for me. You want this for that

But that will also need to be a custom developed stuff and not easy to integrate it like you want it to have.
Yeah, that's true sadly :\ (though there are many awesome content related addons here)

I am testing with a demo, to see if Showcase can work.

I have a large list of cool features that I am ready go progress further with. I'm just lacking something that can work as a database, as seen in the first image above.
(I've scrapped the "log play" part for now, it isn't as important for the moment. The database thing is the critical one).
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