Upcoming Google Search Page Experience update (Core Web Vitals are becoming ranking signals); how does it affect sites powered by XenForo

change font size of your forum, Style > Typography

increas all by 1

all of your poor mobile pages will be gone after validation in 1 week

AMP is to load pages faster

buy a hosting with good speed, specs & you may forget about AMP
Who made Google the Messiah anyway?
True Dat
My forum is at the top of page 1 on Bing and DuckDuckGo - because it should be
And I do no work to get there
On Google my forum is on page 1 but ranked 7 or 8 behind a whole lot of other random sites
I am not going to spend hours optimsing for Google, when they don't tell us their algorthymms, and when they change them every 6 months
AMP is to load pages faster

buy a hosting with good speed, specs & you may forget about AMP
This is wrong because we already have our own, very well-equipped and fast server.
With the default style, XF is also very fast. Only on mobile devices is there a lack of speed.
However, this is not a server or connection problem, otherwise the desktop style would also load slowly.

With AMP, our mobile pages are now fast enough on mobile devices to noticeably increase the Google rating.
And yes, Google is the "messiah" of the Internet, at least for all sites that Google pushes and wants to be found in many search results.

Dreams and morals do not help anyone here, what counts are numbers, values and facts.
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Google Search will prefetch websites built using signed exchanges once the page experience update rolls out, announced at the Google I/O (YouTube link).

I believe AMP technology has signed exchange support already.

This means that google is becoming more and more of a search engine that only has to offer commercial things, no longer what you are looking for. In addition, there is also the fact that political discussions "can no longer be found" if they do not follow the prevailing opinion.

In the future, Google will determine what you want to know and need ...

A gap in the market opens up :D
I have to disagree with you there. Google has become increasingly query driven, meaning that it tries to answer questions posed to it by its users. Those may often include questions about products, sure, but that is not by any means all that drives indexing.
Google page experience update is now fully rolled out.

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