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[XFR] Merge Double User Post


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Thanks guys, I'm checking all my add-ons against compactibility. I'm sure Pepelac has an eye on this add-on.


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I have never had any issues with this. Still chugging along on my board.
Could be a bad medicine thing between this mod and another. Being hard to reproduce, I'd never really looked into that.
Other than that, I'd put it down to some sort of weird server voodoo curse. :D


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I've seen in this thread that some people are having issues with it. But I was one of the first people to load it and I've never upgraded or touched it any any way since. ;)


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Works. (y)
But watch the cron job and your server error log. For a while I'd had it disabled due to server errors being reported in the log.
Disabling the cron job basically means that you'd be looking to run the cron manually every so many days, as needed.
Seems fine now, so this very well could be a conflict with a.n.other modification that has eased since 1.1


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I have an issue with this add-on, with xf 1.1. Just installed in a normal way, then changing the Spacer Text and nothing else.
Then, when I post, the previous message is replaced with the new one, not merged. Like edited.

Thanks for the help.

EDIT: For some reasons, now, it's working now... I've changed nothing, just installed a new add-on. Maybe refreshing cache was necessary.