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[XFR] Merge Double User Post


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Add-on for XenForo Beta 5
[XFb5] XFR - Merge Double User Post v.1.2.0 En_Ru


Prevents posting of two (or more) consecutive messages from user by merging them into one.
  • choose time interval, which will be counted in merging process;
  • disable add-on for selected forums and user groups;
  • enable, disable, customize spacer between messages (text font and size);
  • v.1.2.0 - replace [MERGETIME] tag with timestamp spacer or empty string in old messages;
  • v.1.2.0 - send notifications to users, which are watching thread;
  • v.1.2.0 - update the post date after merging.
Add-on merges messages when folowing conditions are met:
  • last message in the thread belongs to the same user;
  • message was posted in defined time interval;
  • thread isn't created in excluded forum;
  • user isn't member of excluded group.

[MERGETIME] tag will be replaced only in messages older than one week.

Uprading to version 1.2.0.
  • Copy contents of "upload" folder to the root folder of your forum.
    Please, be careful, some FTP clients could revrite contents of the destination folder!
  • Update add-on in the control panel with the xml file from archive.

Since the work of the add-on associated with the change of message content, it is strongly recommended that you will make backup of your database before performing the next step.
  • After the upgrade is complete, check your add-on's settings, and if you are satisfied, you can run the cron entry to replace the [MERGETIME] tag in old messages. For this purpose, in the control panel under "Tools"- "Cron Entries" run task "[xfr] Merge Double User Post: daily cleaning (do not forget to make a backup of the database).

v. 1.2.0 (18.12.2010)
[*] Some code refactorings are made;​
[*] Fixed bug when there was possible to sent empty message;​
[+] Added possibility to repalce [MERGETIME] tag;​
[+] Added cron entry to replace [MERGETIME] tag;​
[+] Added possibility to send notifications;​
[+] Added possibility to update post date after merging;​
[+] Added possibility to replace [MERGETIME] tag after add-on uninstall (if option "Repalce [MERGETIME] tag" is enabled).​
v. 1.0.1 (15.10.2010)
[*] Changed the way of showing posts merge time - using XenForo way of showing now (<abbr> or <span> tag and automatically changing text);
[+] Added MERGETIME tag which holds time of merging in it;
[-] Option Spacer Time Format removed.


Found an error.

When clicking "Members Online Now" I get the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'XFCP_XfRu_MergeDoubleUserPost_ControllerPublic_Thread' not found in /home/davidn/public_html/xenforo/library/XfRu/MergeDoubleUserPost/ControllerPublic/Thread.php on line 217
Sorry for the big delay in the work with this add-on.

I've updated the first post because of release of the new version of this add-on.

Please, read carefully upgrade instructions and make backup of the database of your forum.

PS. That error from the Edrondol's post is very weird, I've got it couple of times on the live web, but can't reproduce it on my local machine, so I'll keep searching, where the problem can be.

PPS. Can someone change thread title to "[XFb5] XFR - Merge Double User Post v.1.2.0 En_Ru"? Thanks in advance.

PPPS. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
you make really a great addons ,it's possible to make the famous hide bbcode [hide] some text [/hide] "you must reply to see the hidden content " ????
Wow, you make add ons that should be included with xenforo in the first place. good job, and keep it up.
I also seem to be seeing that error in the logs. I notice it seems to occur when a user views profiles or "current visitors". So I think it has something to do with fetching the user's recent activity? Just a thought.
It would be cool to set keywords like, "Threads in General with titles containing the word Google, merge them all together with _____ as the parent"

Even set that up to run every 10, 30, 60 minutes
Thanks for this great addon! :)

I'm just wondering if it's possible to add a space between the "Added: timestamp" and the spacer bar thing? It's a bit squished together... and I can't figure out where to edit it.
Uprading to version 1.2.0.
  • Copy contents of "upload" folder to the root folder of your forum.
    Please, be careful, some FTP clients could revrite contents of the destination folder!

Also, I don't understand the above - isn't it supposed to rewrite the contents? I mean, if you have a previous version of this addon installed then the library will already have a folder named "XfRu", so surely we want it to rewrite this so that it is updated? Sorry for not understanding, but I just wanted to check before upgrading (I'm only using the 1.0.1 version)...
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