[OzzModz] Auto Merge Double Posts

[OzzModz] Auto Merge Double Posts 2.0.1 Patch Level 1

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Users using the old addon from here:

Can safely upgrade to this release?
I am struggle with this also.
How can i set it that some user groups are not merged?

Tried all settings for never merge. But with yes, no or never shows no different.

Want that for registered user is the time 15 min.
Admin, Moderators and 1 more group should not be merged.
One more question.
If i want another group with a higher time to merge how can archive this?

Set up a group with time 60 minutes and no.

But this group doesn't show up if i check the users permission.
To make it more clear.
My registered user group is set to 30 min. and no.
2 other groups are set to 15 min. and no.
1 group is set to 5 min. and no.
At the settings i choose Minimum Merge Time.

But as i test it for a user who is in all groups his time is still 30min.
Should be 5 min. because of minimum merge time.

Can you please allow succeeding post as another post reply if "Maximum message length" is already reached?
Right now, if "Maximum message length" is reached the user cannot reply anymore to the thread.


We have "Maximum attachments per message" set to 3.

It seems that this add-on does not check for this, so it possible to have much more attachments in merged post.
I have set moderation for new users until they reach a certain number of posts, and there are a bunch of users lately that keep posting 3-4 messages within a minute or two, but I see these replies doesn't get merged, so I would continuously have a lot of replies to approve, for the same person.

Is this only a problem on my side, or is it meant to behave like this? In case, any chance to make it merge those unapproved posts as well?

Have a nice New Year's Eve and a great New Year everyone!!
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