XF2 [8WR] Database Backup

XF2 [8WR] Database Backup [Paid]

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I've installed this add-on and for some reason the only files being written to the \internal_data\backups directory are as below..


There is no SQL file (I've not enabled 'Enable backups of file structure')

The database resides on a separate server behind the same firewall as the file server, however there is no setting within the add-on options to stipulate a direct path to the database so I'm assuming it uses XF's config file to determine the path (?)

Viewing the _metadata file shows:
{"runtime":1541647322,"inactive":"1","directory":"C:\\path to directory\\internal_data\/backups\/2018-11-08","mysql":{"database":"db_name","enable":"1","output":"single","shrink":"none","options":"--single-transaction --verbose --default-character-set=utf8mb4"},"files":{"enable":"0","shrink":"none","options":"--exclude='internal_data\/backups'"},"endtime":1541647322,"exetime":0}

Is there something I've overlooked?

Edit: Options added/selected as below...

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Do you perhaps not have exec() on your server? Or your MySQL account does not have dump rights?


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I don't have any issues backing up the database manually using MySQL Workbench and the account has full permissions


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Using this:
if(exec('echo EXEC') == 'EXEC'){
    echo 'exec works';
it returns 'exec works' so therefore I assume it's on the server and enabled

As regards the database user, below are the roles for that account...



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Unfortunately, I still haven't had a quiet site period to try this so decided to look at other options and eventually settled on http://sqlbackupandftp.com/?ref=2554 which uses mysqldump.exe also, without a problem.
Once scheduled it can back up numerous databases which suited me better. Also, doing a backup to a spare drive on a second server doesn't require me to close the forum down whilst it runs.

Thanks anyway :)


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Is it possible to have the board closed only for the Database portion and not also the file portion?

Also, can we do file backups on a different schedule than database backups? I'd like to take a database backup twice a day and a file backup once a week.


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I seem to have the opposite problem to most,

I have this set to backup both the database and the file structure but only the database is being backed up.

Any suggestions for fixing/troubleshooting?

XF 2.0.12
[8WR] Database Backup
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When I try to restore SQL backup (taken from my live site) to my demo site (at different host) by using cPanel restore option, it does not work. Any idea ?

CZ Eddie

For the next dork who installs the 2.1 version on their 2.0 board and comes searching for this keyword: "Database Backup requires XenForo 2.0.0+".
Yes, what that actually means is it requires Xenforo 2.1 and will not install on 2.0. :)

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Just a typo.

This addon requires exec, mysqldump, and tar. If part of it is not working, then its most likely a server configuration issue... which I can't really help with as I'm not a server guy.