XF 1.1 Email reply notifications


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Hi guys

xenforo.com is already on 1.1
but i would like to know if its possible for the email reply notifications
be changed back the the old style ?

the current email notification is very confusing


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I disagree with it being confusing but I do agree with there being an option to change it back simply because some admin's prefer to have the customer visit the site to see the content than have it in the email!


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It's already an option.

I understood the OP was specifically asking for it to be disabled here on XenForo.com though.


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Ahhh I thought they were just asking if it was possible... guess only the OP can let us in on which way it is!


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What's confusing about having the content in the body of the email?
Confusing Example#1
I believe you receive this notice ,
which at first view you are tempted to click the link
posted in the message instead of the small font size "view thread link" on left

Confusing example #2:
instinct will tell you to click the link you initially see


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the examples above shows that
there is a need to change the "view this thread" link
to be shown boldly and bigger font to make it instinct friendly.

my suggestion example below:
your brain tells you to click the big blue link



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I'm confused. Don't we already have complete control over what's in the email notifications via the phrases? (phrases like watched_thread_reply_email_html) I was assuming that the variables that are available might have expanded with 1.1 but we still have full control over what is in them. (with the phrases getting "mail merged" via the settings in the "Email Templates" under the development tab, if exposed)