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The website is about a Rugby League professional club based in New Zealand, that plays in the Australasian Rugby League Comp (NRL). It caters for fans of the team usually referred to as the NZ Warriors, but for sponsorship reasons are officially known as Vodafone Warriors. Official website is at www.warriors.co.nz. This website is not affiliated with the official website in anyway, and as the official website does not provide a voice for the fans, we decided to create this. It has been around in various forms and URLs since 2003, having gone through various name changes nzwarriorsonline.com, nzwarriorsfans.com and now back to nzwarriors.com

After a couple of fans took ownership of the site 1.5 years ago, we decided to drop all the existing posts and start afresh. A lot of spam, and most importantly low quality posts had started invading the problem. To create a culture shift, we decided on a new base(xenforo) from the previous VBulletin 3.8 software, and to try to educate the users on what was acceptable posting. We are fairly lenient though, but lets face it, noone likes to wade through crap 'lol', 'i agree bro' type posts in order to get to the meaningful discussion that takes place.

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Key Features
Anonymous Posts

We have sources close to the club i.e. Players, Club Staff/Officials/Friends of players/Former Players who frequent the site and the verified ones are able to post certain rumours Anonymously. We have a very high rate of rumours being substantiated, and the site is viewed as the best place to get latest news on the team.
Player Profiles
We changed Showcase to display player profiles instead. Also through the use of custom addons, we have enhanced it for our needs to display 2013 player stats along with displaying their current 2014 ratings by user and average of the community who rated the player in the match.

View attachment 68843

View attachment 68845

Rating Games
Ability to rate each game and see who rated each player what.
View attachment 68844

- Fixture Lists
This displays upcoming games, full fixture lists as well as completed games. It also stores the results of each game, the man of the match (highest rated player on average) as well as the pre and post match discussion threads (not displayed in the screenshot below).
View attachment 68847

Selection of user 'Dream Teams'
This allows the user to be the coach/manager and choose what they think is the best team. In the next tab it displays what proportion of people who choose dream teams chose each player in their 'dream team'
View attachment 68849

View attachment 68850

2013 stats
- we store all the 2013 stats for each game so users are able to use the tools provided to create their own queries to see who the better performers were in key criterias last year.

View attachment 68851

Linking of player names back to their player profiles
As can be shown, as well as in the threads etc, all player names are linked to their player profile.

Bookie/ Sportsbook (virtual betting)
We use sportsbook to allow users to wager amounts on each game throughout the season. A myriad of odds are presented for each game and are promptly settled after every game. We gave out a 2013 jersey signed by the whole team for last years winner.

Pickem (virtual tipping)
Our tipping is fairly popular amongst the community and gets everyone involved. We also gave out a 2013 jersey signed by the whole team for last years winner.

Offtopic Posts
We send offtopic topics that do not belong in the discussion to the bog. Each thread created in that area is locked from replying. It basically gives the users an idea on what not to post. No warnings etc are used.

Theres a few other things features/ things we do, that are probably different to how its usually done by other forums. Unfortunately if i wrote it all out id be here all day!

I do not expect anyone from here to sign up to the site considering our CAPTCHA requires you to know a little bit about the team, but if you want to have a look around feel free to drop me a message and i can create an account for you to look around. We have different user profiles, so even if you register you do not necessarily get to see everything as we open up the site with all the features only after ppl have posted 50 posts or been with us for over a year.

Thank You
The site would not be what it is without the support of the great community here, and the wonderful developers that have provided some great addons. I have pretty much bought most of the addons and tried to utilise them for the benefit of the site. To the developers, you guys rock! In particular thank you to the following people:
@Bob B
@Jake Bunce
@Chris D
@Andy B

Please feel free to view the site, critique it, and or give suggestions. Please do note that the front page is currently going through some changes as it is using a unreleased addon by a known author on here, and is not finished. There are currently new skins being worked on which will eventually take over from what is currently there.

The season is starting for us this sunday (season runs from March till October) and it looks like its going to be a bumper year for the site based on this time last year.View attachment 68852

Some Google Analytics StatsView attachment 68853

Brilliant *clap* clap* *clap*

I thought i was the only xenforo user for NRL lol. Its amazing how you've created this, who was helping you with the integration of the forum and article system. Looks so good.

I have inboxed you.

Hope to chat soon!


Well-known member
Thanks for the kind words guys! Would also appreciate any constructive criticism as sometimes i think too much within my own bubble and like others perspectives :)


Active member
Thanks for the kind words guys! Would also appreciate any constructive criticism as sometimes i think too much within my own bubble and like others perspectives :)


  1. I think you have far too many ads
  2. The difference between the forums page and the front page is not enough. At first I thought I hadn't clicked the link because they look exactly the same until you scroll down
  3. I think the width of the individual topics on your individual forums is too wide. Ends up with a lot of dead space to me. And yet again, ads.
Still like the site but you asked me to nit-pick :)


Active member
Beautiful site right there. Curated content and many useful plugins perfectly integrated.
One of the best community of the web for sure