Not a bug Reply notification missing if new reply is posted between pageload and "Watch" click

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Consider the following scenario / order of events:
  1. Alice opens the last page of a thread (and starts reading).
  2. Meanwhile, Bob posts a new reply to this thread.
  3. Alice clicks the "Watch" button of this thread.
This leads to the following situation: The thread watch didn't exist when Bob posted his reply, hence XenForo doesn't notify Alice about the new reply. But from the perspective of Alice there definitely is a new post (unknown to her) and she should rightfully expect to somehow be notified about its existence. What actually happens is that XenForo won't notify her about this post (or any further replies because from the XenForo's perspective the thread already has one unread post that Alice hasn't checked out).

So when a user creates a thread watch, could XenForo check whether there are unread posts in the thread and create an instant notification?

Chris D

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We certainly see your point but this is really just an edge case thing and we don't feel that watching a thread should necessarily trigger a notification

In your scenario, the new reply would be surfaced by New posts so that should be sufficient.

We're not likely to be making any changes here.