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XenMoods 1.1.3

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Thanks for response. However wouldn't that somewhat hide the visibility of moods?
Nope, well, just the one that I made a clear .png file.

Our team has plans to build this. :)

Any ETA on this? Also, can you PLEASE make it with usergroup permissions? I'd gladly pay for the add-on.

Can't come too soon as this is the one addon that's holding us up from upgrading to XF2.

Ah, so you can confirm that the current Moods add-on does NOT work with X2 or you just haven't tried yet? I may be on the same page as you. I'm currently running 1.5.15.
Don't mean to necro but for those looking to make css/templae fixes here ya go.

For the member card issue:
.xenOverlay.memberCard .userInfo .userMood {
    position: absolute;
    top: -1px;
    right: 40px;

For the profile view:
In mood_display_member_view replace all with:
<center><xen:include template="mood_display" /></center><br />
I just noticed it, however, I feel it is overpriced compared with the Addon function

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Waiting for @SyTry addon :)
Here is mine :

The add-on is 25% discount because I plan to add more features :

If you have any suggestion :

Regards, SyTry
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