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Unmaintained XenMoods 1.1.3

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I love it. I'm so glad you have a good selection of built in moods also. I was able to just add this real quick so there is something fun and new on my forum :)
Love this add-on, and i was wondering if this add-on could be developed for the user ranks etc. It would be sooo much easier for everybody to install a system like this, but with user rank images insead of moods. Such as Admin, Moderator, or even for Premium accounts. All we would have to do is change the images. My forum has all of the Clans/Teams on it from xbox and Ps4 etc. I would like for the teams to be able to showcase their team logos, but still be able to use what ever mood they want.
When I follow the instructions, I have to manually add -every- mood, and even so, I have to upload them to a completely different site, because when I point them back to /styles/default/xenmoods/mood.png it shows as a broken image.
Easy to install and once you get the permissions set correctly it's really user-friendly. Great add-on!
Wonderful preset of gif moods to use already installed, which is nice. Also works on version 1.3 which is another bonus and relatively easy install. Just remember to set usergroup permissions! Well done.
Easy to install, excellent quality GIF's, and my users like 'em :D
Been having problems installing some faulty add-ons lately, but this one installed seamlessly. Thank you!
This is a great addition to any forum. Well done.
How cool is this mod, thanks
Works like a charm! Thanks...
Great fun!
Great mod!
Excellent mod. XenMoods works just as intended and it's so easily customized. You can use your own images or the pre-packaged images. Beautiful mod, well done!
I remember having to buy this for IPB as well! Thank you for a wonderful and free add on!
Excellent Add-on Five Star Quality!

Excellent share. Thanks!
Great Stuff, Works a treat ;)
Probably the sweetest add-on you'll find. A+
Thank you so much for this. My members will like this again!
One of those add-ons that set your forums apart by giving that personal touch. A quality add-on by a wonderful developer.