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XenForo's Template Compiler & max_allowed_packet

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by Jake B., Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Jake B.

    Jake B. Well-Known Member

    So, we've recently encountered an issue with our compiled PAGE_CONTAINER template being > 1MB which seems to be what a lot of people are using for max_allowed_packet in their MySQL configuration. Short of removing functionality is there anything that can be done to reduce this? From what I can see it's compiling PAGE_CONTAINER along with any template that is included from page_container, and any templates those templates include and so on, which grows quite fast as more 'global' features are added.
  2. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    1MB is the default max_allowed_packet value in MySQL. You really need to build with that in mind as a max, though TBH, I'm somewhat flabbergasted that a template could get that big. The compiled default PAGE_CONTAINER I have appears to be ~75KB, so we're talking more than order of magnitude bigger.

    If you can't remove features or reduce the raw size of what you provide, you'll need to find a way to pull elements in that don't use include. Template includes are resolved at compile time for performance (though it creates a bigger template and doesn't allow recursion). You'd either need to use an add-on to "compose" a template from smaller templates in PHP or, similarly, use custom template helper functions to pull this data in.
  3. Mike Creuzer

    Mike Creuzer Well-Known Member

    We add modern features, so off-canvases, extended footer options, and a few other features. Its nothing more than a few modern features. I did a character count on view source, and got around 138kB for your index page. On ours, its about 146kB. So its not that big of a difference, at least in markup. But understandably there are more conditional statements and other things that might cause issue.

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