xenforo social group add-on


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Oh i have social groups from VB and then i wanted them to go into the add on. This sucks because i just bought XF and swear i seen user group importer


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oh okay so i need to find someone willing to take on the job and convert from there ..ugh ...silly me buying it already ..I could have put that towards a developer.

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What are social groups?
vBulletin Groups.
Like this: https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/group.php
Essentially you can join Groups - and the discussion stays away from the main forum.

Overall vBulletin's groups were not a success. Very few people used them. It did work very well for specific communities - but not for most. Groups tended to get lost amongst the rest of the Forum. There were no documents associated with the forums ... just pictures and chit chat. The best and worst part of groups was that all the information was entirely separate from the rest of the forum. That was a good thing for some places and terrible for others.

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IDEA: For a "Groups Lite" setup.

Make a Tab called Groups.
The subtabs would list all the groups. or maybe make a Page with a list of the groups.
The Groups are actually just regular forums.
Posts in the Group don't show up in What's New.
Each Group forum has it's own What's New.
Each Group has a list of members, maybe a gallery, maybe a few documents.

Wouldn't that be fairly easy to make ?


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I made it so a Category,its sub forums and thread pages all have the same logo + title design + colours.
Category_view page also has a links section and a members list.

I can also set a user to get notification emails from a selected forum.
Coming next ... the user selects to get notifications on a forum - (ordinary Watch thread remains the same).

If a user has setting to get notifications on a forum (via my admin level or they select it)
- their username will appear on the members list on the Category page, with avatar + button to Start Conversation.
So I am building the Category page like a club.

You can see what it is like on my board www.housemorgain.co.uk
Click one of the Category titles.

But this is not an add-on at the moment it is separate things
- template edits to make the Category page design/ forum view and thread view all match plus the extra areas on Category view for links and members.
- add-on to make the forum notifications
- more add-on coming soon for membership via notification option.