XenForo Requirements php test

I seemed to have successfully installed all the php extensions but now xenforo_requirements.php says this. What does it mean and how can I fix it?

Requirements Not Met

The following XenForo requirements were not met. Please contact your host for help.

  1. $error"; } ?>
Requirements Met

Your server meets all of XenForo's PHP requirements.

XenForo also requires MySQL 5.0 or newer. Please manually check that you meet this requirement.


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Given the information above, its hard to figure out why the script is displaying what it is without looking at it, since, I'm with Mike, it looks like PHP isn't running.


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If that's the source that's being output by the browser when you view the page, PHP definitely isn't running. You can try this in a info.php file as well to confirm:
<?php phpinfo();