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For anyone not familiar with this new feature in XF 2.2...the "Writing before registering" new feature is where guest visitors to your XF site have access to the "New Thread" and "Quick Reply" features (just like registered forum members)...where in previous XF versions guest visitors either needed to register before being able to post...or the website allowed guest visitors to post.

This new feature in XF 2.2 allows guest visitors to compose a thread reply or post a new thread...but when they go to click the "Submit" button...they are hit with the "you must register" message. Thus the general idea is...if a guest visitor has gone to the effort of composing a post...they either register to submit the post...or if they don't register...the thread reply/new thread they just created will be lost.

Here's the official XF explanation of the XF 2.2 "Writing before registering" new feature:

Was curious to hear from folks that have upgraded to XF 2.2...has the "Writing before registering" new feature in XF 2.2 had an impact regarding new member registrations (compared to earlier versions of XF)?

i turned it off.

didn't change anything noticeable in terms of new users

adds to page load (additional JS files)
I only enable this setting for my pre-sales questions forum, and only recently has it started to trickle in registrations.

The key was to link directly to the post thread screen from my landing page instead of just the forum index so users can immediately start writing their questions.
Ahh...so this guest visitor posting new feature in XF 2.2 is something that can be toggled on/off. Good to know.

I guess maybe new member registrations (increases or no change)...may be forum topic dependent...and everyone needs to experiment with the new feature to see if it leads to improvements.

Would have been great to hear that this new feature lead an increase in new member registrations on most sites...but I guess it depends (like most things in life)!;)

Thanks briansol & kolakube.:)
Used to have it on one forum, but didn't see any increase in registrations. I turned it off, and use a customized register/login notice on thread view.

If you have interesting content to discuss, people will register. If some are too lazy to register, you don't need them.
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