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Nicolas FR

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Hi all,

I was discussing the feature and someone told me he found it rather frustrating because a visitor might think your forum is open for guest participation and then once they post they realize it's not. While discussing again we thought that maybe an option could reduce this frustration if the system allowed him to write several messages before being invited to register. A number of messages defined by the administrator.

For example if we give a visitor the possibility of writing 5 messages and he uses them it is already that he feels rather good in the forum or in any case finds it interesting then registering should be more acceptable for him.

This option could be technically complicated to set up if the visitor visits the forum with different IPs (for example on his PC then with his smartphone) but the idea seems interesting to me all the same.

So let me suggest it !
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Enable SSO for registration and try not to require too much information for native registration. It should not be an issue. If it is, I assure you, letting them make 5 ghosts posts they could potentially still abandon is not the answer.
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