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I know one of the added features of XF 2.2 is the ability for forum guest visitors to start a new thread or reply to a thread ("Writing before Registering")...but when they go to post the message/thread...they're given the "You must register before posting message".

Since I upgraded to 2.2 recently...can someone please mention how I can check if "Writing before Registering" is activated or not?

Awesome...thanks much! So many settings in the AdminCP!

Will definitely do the experiment as suggested (log out & see how & if it works).:)

Edit: Just checked in AdminCP...it was turned off.
Follow up question. Is there a way to modify the "Writing before Registering" message given to unregistered visitors?

Awesome...thank you sir. Great that the message can be modified.

I've read here at XF that some folks don't care for this new "Writing before Registering" feature. The reason given is either let guest visitors post without being required to register...or don't allow guest visitors to post (with the "Write before registering" feature sort of being an in-between thing).

Maybe if the message presented to non-registered visitors (that they must register before posting)...is written carefully & delicately...maybe this may be a way to help make the "Writing before Registering" feature more palatable to forum admins that aren't too pleased with it.:)
I tried searching in "Phrases"...but not having much luck finding the "Writing before Registering" message/phrase.

Here's what the "Writing before Registering" phrase looks like on my site (I'm assuming this is the XF 2.2 default phrase). Tried searching in Phrases using different words/parts of the "Writing before Registering" phrase...but not finding it:

Holy Crap...if that's the search term I needed to use...no way I would have found it on my own!;)

Thank you sir!:)
You could have simply searched for “Thanks for your contribution” that’s how I found it.
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