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El Porcharo

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Similarly to the "Writing before registering" feature, I was thinking that there is another useful feature that could be very interesting for community admins.

If we could be able to let our guests use the search function, but then showing them a notice like "Only members can view search results. Please login or register here" when hitting the search button, this could be very useful for content management.

Search queries from our visitors are very important to understand our users needs, so this can be used to plan future content topics based upon user search queries.

Does anyone else thinks that this could be a cool core feature to work on? Please up vote if so!

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as a user, this would annoy me to the point where i immediately hit the back button and never come back.
Yeah, if you are going to let them search, you have to let them get results. Giving them a search button but then telling them they have to sign up to actually use it is a bit "bait and switch"-y. This is right up there with forcing them to register to read the content in terms of the annoyance level.

Wildcat Media

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Show the first 10 results and blur the others until reg. But not 0 results.
Or, just give them 10 (or 5, or 20...whichever number we choose) results, with a notice below the last result that registered members can get the full list of results.

Yet they could still go to Google and search, at least for content already indexed. It's much clearer to search right at the forum, however.
As what others said, it would annoyed me also if i have to register to search for the content at least show us the result we wanted then we decide if we would want to register or not.