WSWD Hosting ( My Review)


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Just a brief testimonial on my experience with WSWD hosting. I have dealt with many many different hosts through the years and run many types of forums and blogs.

WSWD has been one of the top 2 hosts I have ever had the privilege of using. The prices are more than fair and he delivers outstanding uptime with the best customer service for xenforo hosting you will find. They helped me overcome my learning curve and get my forum and add on's up and running ! Just a real treat !

If you're looking for a shared hosting solution then I can't recommend WSWD enough.

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Looks like I am going with WSWD after problems with my new hosting provider.
I will update on my experiences and think it will be just as the OP here from the time I've spent chatting with WSWD already, seems like they know their stuff and are willing to work with customers professionally...


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Thanks for the very kind words and review on the new thread. I'm glad we could get your hosting sorted out. :) :)