Anyone else use HostForWeb? My Review


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Hey all! I am hoping to hear some feedback from others as well that may have found this small yet very succesful web host.

My forum has transitioned many times for the past 5 years. Transitions included shared hosting to VPS, free forums to vbulletin & then xenforo, we have even survived a really tough hacking attempt that left us virtually crippled compliments of a vbulletin backdoor security issue that has now been patched.

After I moved to HostForWeb I won’t go anywhere else. I originally utilized their site for a test feature since the pricing was pretty darn good for the full support. After their support staff worked through many large scale problems with me for several DAYS (not even hours), I knew I had to transfer over. I have been with them for a little over 2 years now. As my site continues to grow I have recently expanded into the virtual cloud servers. I host a forum for over 8,000 members currently over 580,000 posts & an fairly active shoutbox (usually 50+ users at any given times).

Why am I telling you ANY of this? I spent COUNTLESS hours transitioning from hosts, yelling at tech support, or complaining about inaccurate bills with MANY of the main sites.

HostForWeb has great onshore phone support with maybe 2-5 minute waits. Their tech support email response time on average states 24 hours but I receive a reply within 20 minutes & a fix ranging a few minutes to several hours depending on the severity.

Downtime is rare. The last time there was an unexpected downtime I received a 50% discount on my next bill. I asked them about a year ago since if I can get any support on the monthly payments & they took 10% off every month up until now on all my products…..

I don’t know how those of you with 4 million users will fare as I have not reached that part of my road yet but I do know for anyone with a mid-level website in the thousands, HostForWeb is the cheapest & most reliable I have come across.

If anyone has any further questions I would gladly entertain them. is proudly hosted by HostForWeb!