WOW - 600 members already!


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Strange the userid's go that high but there are actually only 605 users so the question is why are there some ID's missing?
Unconfirmed members don't count. I don't think banned accounts are included either, though I'd have to check the code.


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40 of those were gained just in the past 5 hours.
It’s amazing to be watching this take off, as a newbie when it comes to running a site – I only launched my site last April without any pervious experience, although I’ve been a user on vB-powered forums for many years.

When I upgraded to vB4 I hadn’t even realised that Jelsoft had been taken over and the trouble ahead.

Having experienced so many problems in using vB4 compared with vB3, to the point that I was considering IPB, it’s such a relief to see what Kier & Mike has done here and what is likely to unfold over time.