XF 2.1 User upgrades: current members are paying already

Will Franco

Current members are paying for their membership already. Prior to Xenforo payments. How do we display the user upgrade to the ones that are not? Do we need to create two versions of the same group, e.g. Membership (Non-Xenforo payments) and Membership (Xenforo payments)? Or, is there a way to have one group, Membership, and split off the ones that are paying already, so the user upgrades only displays to the ones that are not?

I'm new here. Hope I got the Xenlingo right!?
Or you could just reach out to those members and ask them to upgrade via XF when their current membership expires.

Assuming that you want to migrate everything to XF and discontinue the use of the third party platform.


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Yes, you can use a page node.

You will have to manually enter the content though, unless you have something custom developed.

You could just copy and paste the HTML from the actual upgrades page.

Will Franco

XenForo can process payments via PayPal and/or Stripe. If you have payment processing outside of Xenforo, e.g. clients prior to Xenforo, consider migrating the payments into Xenforo. Because when you lose a member through your other provider, you will need to manually remove them from Xenforo, the same is true if they change their membership. If you're not ninja-level or don't have access to one, you can manually migrate the payments or send your clients a request to renew their membership through Xenforo. Manual guarantees renewal. Whereas, a renewal email doesn't. Access the time involved for a manual migration vs. attrition from a renewal email. You can draw attention to the upgrades in several ways, e.g. create a tab, or page node, post a notice, create usergroup banners, etc.

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