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  1. lucien_lies

    [.🇨🇺] Post Color Highlighting

    One day I was checking the Invision Community website and I came across this feature, so I set out to replicate it for Xenforo. Step number 1: We create a template called xf_post_highligh and copy the following code: <xf:if is=" (({$post.User.user_group_id}==3) OR in_array(3...
  2. El Porcharo

    XF 2.2 Hide user group from widget

    Hello everyone! I've added a "Most messages" widget on my node list, because I want to encourage a bit of competition among our users, by showing only the first 5 "top players". But the problem is that me and the other two admins are far away from the the most active user, so we already take 3...
  3. Will Franco

    XF 2.1 User upgrades: current members are paying already

    Current members are paying for their membership already. Prior to Xenforo payments. How do we display the user upgrade to the ones that are not? Do we need to create two versions of the same group, e.g. Membership (Non-Xenforo payments) and Membership (Xenforo payments)? Or, is there a way to...
  4. LukeWolf

    XF 2.1 Automatically remove users from displaying banners

    When a user is banned, is it possible to get the forum to automatically remove any banners the user has? Or is there a way to remove any other banners from displaying when their primary user group is not the user group that has the banner?
  5. 021

    [BS] Clone user group 1.0.0

    .features: User group cloning with all permissions
  6. K

    XF 2.0 User Group Permissions

    Hi, I've read all the documentation about this but wondering if these permissions sets look good or can you guys spot any errors? Thanks
  7. electrogypsy

    XF 1.5 user change log - constantly changing user groups?

    hey, i was wondering if someone could answer this question for me. i've noticed that in the 'user change log' of xf that almost all users are changing user groups fairly constantly. here's an example: not all, but a lot of the changes are occurring at twenty minutes after the hour, which...
  8. T

    XF 1.5 Change default registration group

    Hi, I know this isn't the right way to do it, but we are running the forum already for +1 year and have a lot of users. So the default group currently is Registered, do I need to change that in a piece of code because I don't see a setting for it (if yes, where would be good to know). We...
  9. Michael Murguia

    XF 1.5 SQL Help - Adding Secondary Groups, and Upgrades

    Hi All! First, thank you in advance for your help! Below, the specific question is highlighted in blue! I think I am about half way through this project, and would love some help completing the task. Part 1 Adding a secondary group via SQL using an email list works fine like this: UPDATE...
  10. G

    MG 1.1 Member user group upgrade when uploaded photos

    Is there not a function to automatically upgrade members to a new user group when they have uploaded photos to the media gallery?