XF 1.5 Change default registration group



I know this isn't the right way to do it, but we are running the forum already for +1 year and have a lot of users. So the default group currently is Registered, do I need to change that in a piece of code because I don't see a setting for it (if yes, where would be good to know). We don't have any other promotions so all people are Registered, the thing is we are facing a lot of manual spam registrations and I now want to setup a moderation que for the new registered users which I achive by setting them in a other default group.

thank you!

Tracy Perry

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Why can't you use the Batch Update Users and add a second user group to all the current registered users that fulfill your current permission set then change the Registered to a more restricted one and utilize a promotion to upgrade users after X number of posts or something?