Will VerticalScope try to acquire Xenforo?


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Kier and Mike have gone through that as well ... and I am 110% sure they were not happy with that - if they would have been happy, there most likely would be no XenForo today.

Having worked with them (back in 2006 at Jelsoft), I do trust Kier and Mike that they have no intention to sell XenForo.


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I don't know if they are in talks about anything but the last HYS of novelties dates from August 2020, indeed it is starting to date seriously... soon 2 years.
It was 2 years before that also. The first 2.2 HYS dates back to 1 June. So maybe something is coming soon.


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Maybe XF 2.3.0 will come with nice surprises ;)

I saw that topics have been marked fixed, a new version should be released soon and if we go to 2.3.0, there will be new features, well I hope..
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