Will this be the end of vBulletin?

Is this it?

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vBulletin is a giant and the money for the court cases and customers rebelling is pocket change for them. The bad part is I was never apart of vBulletin forums until I came onto xenforo so I'd say majority of the license holders don't lurk the forums quite like I do.

The best part is Adrian has said himself that XenForo will not be the end of vBulletin but it will be themselves, I think his quote is finally coming reality.


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Again, as per the other thread, please refrain from insulting IB or vB in your comments.



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a xenforo link

a vbulletin link....

see the difference...maybe if they kept off sue happy mentality and worked on customer relations they wouldn't feel the need to point their fingers to recoup losses they incurred on their own. I'm not making a switch, I am going with the company that is listening to their customers. End of story.

Two separate entities, with their own obligations, both with their own set of skills applying them to a packaging they call their own. It's just sad to see when someone cares about someone else's more than their own.