XF 1.3 Avatars broken display (because maintained ID of vBulletin?)


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Hi guys,

I don't know what happened, but I can't show my uploaded avatars, even if they are uploaded and on the server... They are showing broken...

For example, I see this for a particular user: data/avatars/m/0/11.jpg?1391988477

If I hover it, it says that the image can not be found. I checked it on the server and there, it is saved as 1.jpg, not as 11.jpg. So if I change this number in Firebug, it shows me the avatar! The problem is: how can it be that this number is being changed? How can I solve this?

Do I have to import all the data once again to solve it?
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Yes, I can, but I guess I know what the problem is...

I imported these users from my old vBulletin website and I maintained there ID's. So it's pointing to the old ID's, I guess.... Damn... How can I solve that? Do you know that?


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If you're not on localhost any more, did you copy the images over? You need to copy the data and internal_data directories. (And you need to be wary of the permissions on them - I would recommend 0777'ing them recursively.)


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I did, that is not the problem...

It happens at particular users and that's very frustrating, because I have to make a new account for them. Beside that, Waindigo's Online Users' avatar function does not work either. It does not show the new avatar, but the old one.