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Why Should I change from my IPB 3.2.3 to XF? And can I change?

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by Jefferson Filho, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Jefferson Filho

    Jefferson Filho Active Member

    Hello guys!

    I'm really confusing about changing my forum to XF, still not sure about it... I want some opinions and advantages that XF would give me that my IPB wouldn't.

    And other question, I try to search how to go to from IPB to XF and I couldn't find anything about it, how do you do it or if it is possible.
  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  3. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    Based upon my own personal experience and opinion....

    • XenForo uses far less resources from the start. Even the base system requirements are less.
    • XenForo is more user friendly
    • easier to customize for your own personal needs
    • the short term and long term cost is that XenForo is cheaper (original price + renewal 1x a year --vs-- original price of IPB + renewal 2x a year). Plus take into account the cost of resources needed for both (XenForo is less)
    • A large and growing collection of free modifications, skins, templates, tweaks, and add-ons (IPB is mostly paid per / each)
    • Less chance of conflicts from 3rd party modification, skins, templates, tweaks, and add-ons
    • SEO rating out rates that of vBulletin, IPB, phpBB, SMF, Vanilla, and is about equal to WordPress
    • Faster page load (users don't like to wait)
    With almost over 50 modifications, templates, edits, tweaks, and add-ons and 200 people online.... Tell me if your IPB uses less resources then my copy of XenForo (and is your IPB just as fast)
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  4. 3dsoft

    3dsoft Active Member

    I am also almost ready to switch from IPB 3.2.3 to xenforo, but I am sort of stuck since there are no comparable xenforo addons which hold up to IP.Gallery and IP.Blog. The xenforo alternatives would be LN Blog and Useralbums, but both addons have no importers and don't seem to be be the best choice to replace the IPB addons. A sophisticated useralbum and user blog addon is really important to me because my users are heavily engaged in those parts of my community.
  5. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    LN Blog is currently developing a paid version, which should be a competitive alternative to IP Blog. He is also working on an importer.
  6. 3dsoft

    3dsoft Active Member

    I am going to wait and see how the paid version of LN Blog will turn out and hopefully someone is also going to develop a sophisticated user album. The sooner this happens the better. :)
  7. Jefferson Filho

    Jefferson Filho Active Member

    Thanks guys! I think I will buy my license today! But it is possible I would like more opinions!!
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  8. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    He isn't working on an importer, the importer is part of the Importer Suite that Kovifor has been developing, which will allow people to convert to threads, or to import into the add-ons that XenFluence develops.
  9. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    The last I knew, unless it has changed, was he was working on an importer that would port vBulletin Blog or IP Blog into his own LN Blog.

    Unless that has changed or he misunderstood my last question to him. :cry:

    Convert to threads doesn't make any sense to me. Convert from thread into blog, thus moving the already imported vBulletin or IPB, into his LN Blog does make more sense.

    * puzzled *
  10. borbole

    borbole Well-Known Member


    What options would they be? Maybe there are mods that will do what you want. If there is an option/s that you would like you can either request it at the feedback forum and hopefully it will be taken into consideration by the developers or you can request them as mods.
  11. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    The Importer Suite is to convert people from vB4 (To start) with the option of importing to the add-ons from XenFluence. Onimua has an importer, but it isn't being released (It's currently a paid for service as it's the only way he has been able to support the free version of LN Blog). The default I think is to importer blogs and such as threads, with the option to do it to the add-ons as not everyone will want to use them.

    There was plans to have an importer with a later version (Probably 1.0 or 1.1 of the blog), but was shelved due to the Importer Suite.
  12. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    Well this is one time development isn't going in a positive direction, if true. I was looking to pay for the future paid version of LN Blogs, so that I could import my threads into LN Blog.
  13. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    The ability to import from threads wouldn't be added anytime soon as he's also working on custom work and the shopping cart that both XenFluence and Xenique use; I also can't say whether or not it is planned, because not many people would have the need of such a feature.

    He might be able to do that with his paid import service, but you'd have to contact him regarding that.
  14. Jefferson Filho

    Jefferson Filho Active Member

    Well, I would like to know if XF have any mod or a way to show like this [​IMG]on the left side, as I can see in this community it doesn't say much about the users, like the amount of post they have, if they are online or something.

    And my community is focus on gaming devolement, so I need mods for ads servers and like IP.Download for upload some small files, also if any mod that I can costumize the forum icons.

    Thank you for all the help!
  15. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    All of that is possible using Style Properties, custom user fields and user group styling.

    In fact, change to the Kitchen Sink style using the chooser at the bottom left of the footer and you will see some of it.
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  16. Jefferson Filho

    Jefferson Filho Active Member

    Awesome! Well I think I'm ready to my license then! :D
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  17. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

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  18. Jefferson Filho

    Jefferson Filho Active Member

    Done! Downloading it right now! I hope I don't regret :p

    Edit: The downloading speed is really low... Any reason why it might be like this? 10kb's?
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  19. Onimua

    Onimua Well-Known Member

    I suspect v1.1 will be a lot more competitive in terms of features. The blog as it stands now was an experiment (my first XF add-on) that has now become a serious prospect. There's a couple of growing pains but it will get there. :)
    Currently the only way to import into the blogs is through the vB4 importer which captures everything and throws them into their respective forums/threads, and then use a custom script I developed to import those threads into the blog. This is a short-term solution to those who had wanted to use it right away after transferring from vB4, and as it had to be custom-coded and supported by me on top of the blog, it is a separate fee and supported privately.

    The XI Importer Suite would take this load off me, and import everything into our respective products making the import that much smoother and would be free. That plan has not changed, and I had responded to this same line of question before. Specifically in the case of selecting a thread and turning it into a blog (or the other way around), that is a planned feature that would be in the blog itself.
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  20. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    I knew I wasn't crazy and that such a plan was still in the works. :)

    Thank you for clearing this up :cool:

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