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On my community, I have a Category fallowed my a Forum named "Give-AWAY" for example.
When I enter on that forum named "Give-Away", on top it shows the name of that forum which is "Give-AWAY" fallowed by the name "FORUM"... and it looks like "Give-AWAY Forum", My question is, how can I change or from where can I change that "Forum" with "Community", to look like "Give-AWAY Community".
Thank you.

Tracy Perry

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It is not possible to do something in extra.less?
Probably yes... but one has to be familiar with the style you are using. Generally, these issues are BEST addressed with the style developer as they can do specific template modifications that most here don't know and can't help yo adjust with.

Tracy Perry

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I solve the problem. It's okay now. All fine.
just for future reference. When asking for similar help, if using a non-standard style, first ask in the style discussion area. Most of us will give you feedback based upon a default (or near default) style. When you run a custom style (and this does not mean it has been done custom for your site, but basically ANY other style than default) you should be addressing any issues in that style discussion area. I don't expect XF or anyone else other than my style developer to be familiar with the customizations my style uses.
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