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XF 1.2 White admin screen fix?

I've just installed WP on a test account and want to try and install XF in with it but when I ran the installation I got a fatal error, refreshed and it ran ok to finish off but when entering admin from the forums I get a blank screen so am guessing the config file needs sorting?
Is there a quick fix/link you can point me too? I can easily delete the files and redo it if it's too much hassle but am guessing there's a quick fix?


no errors just white screen in admin, is it better to delete the site files and re-upload them and use the WP DB details so it integrates...

the forums are in a sub directory /Forums if that helps?

deleting files now will redo tomorrow....
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I'd not realised that the config file is in /Library as I just found out whilst re-installing lol. I tried to rebuild the master data as suggested but got nothing and its only a test site so I decided to start again. I'm also finding some really cool features like the data rebuild and home page link on installation which all add up if you've installed a few forums :cool:

Delete this I think it's sorted thanks and sorry for panicking :whistle: