What's your ride?

Nothing special, just a Pug 106 1.1 to get me my first year of no claims. Depending on funds and future situation I might get something a bit quicker next year (20mph max in first gear just isn't good enough!).


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Hi Guys

I have a '92 Lincoln Town Car and a '03 Mercury Marauder as daily drivers

And a '00 Ford Excursion for weekend fun




Due to my bad eyes, no license will be granted to me to drive a car. So none
and it really sucks, because i love driving. I mean, I can drive a car, it's just illegal when I do it. But Zandvoort has a nice track, so has Germany :p


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Capacity 916. Top speed 55mph. Electrical car.
Model R142 built by Bombardier in NY.
Acceleration 2.5mps

We New Yorkers mean it when it comes to "carpool", "keep the air clean".

The pic is my main ride, going uptown to the Bronx and passing Yankees Stadium on the right. On the background is the famed Empire State Building.



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I use to have a 4 cyl Chevrolet Cavalier 5 speed manual. It was so pretty, and fun to drive, but I got in a near fatal
car accident and nearly went off a bridge after smashing into the side concrete wall at 70 mph and going thru it at
more than 50 feet in the air. On my daughter's birthday a couple months ago this past June. Needless to say, it's
not with me anymore. :(

Now I'm driving an oldsmobile Intrigue 6 cyl automatic...
I was in shock for a long time and refused to drive again after the accident or get another car, so my hubby
and my mom plotted against me and used the insurance check to buy my mom's car from her and she went and got
a new one. I'm not really a fancy car kinda girl, but it's pretty nice. I could get use to it in time.
As you can see, my nifty little license plate managed to survive the crash too without even a scratch. LOL

And this is our limousine! LOL I loooove this truck!
It's an '86 Chevrolet Silverado. The last year of the carborated series.
You can hear the flo Master on this thing from a mile away. It's so much fun to drive.

This is Trent's baby! (my hubby)...