What is your webmaster skillset?


I'm curious to know to what your webmaster skillset is. Now some of you might wonder, what is that???

It are all your skills good and bad that define you as a capable webmaster. You can include experience in using software like Xenforo as well.

Use this format and edit it as you see fit like I did:

[B]I'm good at[/B]:
List the things your good at here.
[B]I'm bad at or just don't do[/B]:
List the things you do rarely cause you suck at it or you just don't do.

I'll start of:

I'm good at:

Coming up with creative ideas for new webmaster projects. I also am into SEO a bit and am good in website, forum, user, staff, project management.

I can style for:

phpBB, MyBB.

I can use well:

phpBB, MyBB and Wordpress.

I'm bad at or just don't do:

Web-programming coding, design, graphics.

I do edit templates but I wouldn't consider that coding cause it isn't really like coding from scratch.

Now what about you? :)
I'm (hopefully) good at:
  • Coding:
    • PHP
    • (X)HTML/HTML5/etc
    • CSS
    • Javascript
  • Project management
  • Procrastinating :p
  • iPhone and Android app development
I'm bad at (or am still learning):
  • Ruby (ugh!)
  • Python (learning)
  • ASP (die....just die you piece of crap)
  • Working with legacy code (I tend to get very pissed off with it, very easily)
  • C++ (learnt it, forgot it, never used it since)
  • Java (as with C++, I learnt it, but never really needed it so have forgotten most of it!)
I can style for:
  • Pretty much anything - styling for any system really isnt hard. It just takes time. I have however previously done styles for:
    • phpBB
    • MyBB
    • Yabb
    • vB (2.x, 3.x, 4.x)
    • XenForo
    • Invision (1.x, 2.x)
    • PunBB/FusionBB
    • BBPress (crap)
    • Custom forum systems
    • A bunch of CMS systems (Joomla, e107, Pyrocms, Drupal, etc)
I'm good at:

Thoroughly testing any software / addons I use and identifying which matches my needs.
Getting help when my software limits need it.
Not giving up when coders don't get it right!
Design tweaks incl. template edits that make the user experience simpler, more accessible, and pretty. Also commissioning useful addons to make the user experience simpler, more accessible.
Nurturing my members. Training them in community attitudes - helping each other, being more active.
Chasing lazies and cutting out dead members.
I can tweak php, and use some XF basics like creating a template insert.

I'm bad at or just don't do:

SEO - I just trust XF.
Backups - I pay a maintenance contract.
Permissions (groan) usually have to get help.
I'm good at:

  • Making money
  • Sticking to my projects
  • Thinking of new ideas
  • Designing (PS & Code)
  • Finding buyers for websites
  • CSS(3), HTML(5), jQuery, javascript
I can style for:

  • XenForo
  • Invision Power Board
  • vBulletin
  • PhpBB
  • MyBB
  • SMF
  • Wordpress
/Pretty much anything that uses HTML and CSS :p I have designed for a lot of custom stuff in the past.

I can use well:

Xenforo, IPB, Mybb, phpbb, vbulletin, wordpress and errm.. some others

I'm bad at or just don't do:

Post whoring and explaining what I mean :p
I'm good at knowing how to get stuff done - whether my myself, or with the proper help.
I'm good at moderating a community and having it stay headed in the right direction - being inclusive of 98% of the members and public (you can't make everyone happy).

I'm good at picking decent moderators and keeping them interested in helping folks.

I can't code or do anything much else - other than at the level of being able to put sites together back in the time period 1995-2002 when it was not as crazy specialized.

Back then, this was the definition of webmaster - that is, one person who could put the whole thing together, from IT to graphics.
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