What good global Thread Prefixes do you use? What are the default Thread Prefixes in XF 2.1?


Does XenForo come with any default thread prefixes?

I'm completely refactoring my entire forums right now, and I'm trying to figure out what makes a good global thread prefix. These are the main thread prefixes my web admin set up for me 5 years ago:
  • General
  • Announcement
  • News
  • Sticky
  • Misc
There's no real point in using a thread prefix for General or Misc, since neither of those are specific or explain what the thread is for. Sticky might be a bit useful since the pin/tack icon is on the right side of a thread row, so having Sticky on a message to the left catches the eye faster.

What are some good names for the thread prefixes you use?


Thanks Brogen! I was actually thinking about having a "Notice" prefix in addition to a "Poll" prefix. You've also reminded me of several tags we've historically used for discussions that I can bring into my forums.