Lack of interest Thread prefixes are powerful but they could use more control panel configurations

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I think thread prefixes are a huge asset to a lot of forums. However, I think they could be expanded on within admin control panel options.

1) Offer an option to have a thread prefix unlocked from being tied to a specific node.

For example, will show you the [XF 2.2] prefixed threads in the questions and support node. An option to have this page show you [XF 2.2] prefixed threads from all nodes would be great.

You can essentially accomplish this with the new search forums feature but it’s not quite the same. I’d like to be able to click the prefix from anywhere on the forum to be taken to all threads with that prefix (if the admin chooses to configure it that way).

2) Similar to how you can select a node and all of its children to be shown as a public navigation tab, it would be great if you could do the same with prefix groups.

You can put links to prefixes in your public navigation manually already. But being able to select a whole group would be very efficient for a forum with a lot of prefixes.

This would basically give you an easily configurable ‘categories’ navigation tab that you see on other websites.

3) Styling the prefixes could be a little more efficient. You can style the default group in style properties. But it would be handy to do that from the specific prefix or prefix group configuration page.

If the CSS can be edited directly on the prefix configuration page you would be able to easily style individual prefixes. This would make it very efficient to add handfuls of custom styles in addition to the default styles (as opposed to manually writing new CSS in extra.less).
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When you click a prefix it is sorting not searching so it is not going to show results if that prefix is used elsewhere. If they took your suggestion they would have to change the whole way they work and remove the sort function from filters. I believe they are intended as a sort so they will not change this, however, what I would like to see is you be able to click them from anywhere. So in search results, and What's New, in widgets... click and be brought to the results, even if they are the forum sort results. So you land in the forum with the sort active.
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