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What do you think of the French in general?


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Um, as an American, here are a few things about the French off the top of my head, and not checked for accuracy.

1 / Thanks for the Statue.

2/ de Gaulle really didn't like us.

3/ Guys still not cool about us making English more popular than French?

4/ Much smaller than the States and China, but one of the largest militaries. I assume that is why I see fancily-dressed armed guards every time Francois Hollande holds a press conference, but not Angela Merkel: Have to find something for the soldiers to do, like the English did during the 2012 Olympics (they know what I'm talking about). (And yes, I know we are far more wasteful.)

5/ Thanks French guy for that documentary, Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution. A real eye-opener, that one.

6/ We still joke about you guys losing to the Germans so fast. For example, I still remember that comic by 8-Bit Theater where the Black Mage goes, "Ah! Organs failing... like the French."

7/ Heard Sarkozy was not a big fan of Turkey's candidacy to join the EU. I wonder what the current President of France thinks.

8/ I heard something unflattering happened between you guys and Algeria. Haven't yet read the book I have on it, though.

Edit: I just realized I don't sound excited about France, but I would jump on the first plane to it if I could afford it.


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I may not sound very objective, if any at all, but I'd say I love it. :D

Anyway, this documentary you are talking about, Hyperion, looks interesting. I'll have a look.