What browser do you use most often?

What browser do you use most often?

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Firefox which I love and adore and would marry if I wasn't already married.

I like Chrome a lot too, but not as much as FF, and I have all my web dev add on's with FF that I use every day and really can't be without.

Anthony Parsons

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I was firefox... but now I use chrome far more since Firefox really went down the drain with performance. Sites load so much faster in chrome than FF nowadays, so I only use FF when needing firebug, as I don't like the default behaviour of it in chrome.


I used to be 100% FireFox.

But after using Safari more and more since version 4, I have realized it just loads super fast, starts up super fast, and doesn't render pages incorrectly, at all, anymore.

100% Safari now, with Chrome as alternative, and FireFox + Firebug during web development and web design.

Opera is always a disappointment to me. Lots of promises, little delivery.

IE is only used in Vmware situations to test web design and development, so I can then spend an hour figuring out if it's my code or a bug with IE *again*.