Website timing out!

Gregory Lynn

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Is there a need to rebuild caches after a update? My forum has been timing out every now and then and the host said its not their problem. I looked at the server stats and the load is .88. Do you have any ideas why the forum would be timing out?


Digital Doctor

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site looks great.
No timing out issues (for me).

One thing I noticed was I saw this special countdown timer.
I figured it was important.
But there was nothing more I could do to learn about it.
Woodward Dream Cruise 2011!

can't you make that click-able with a link to more information on it ?

Gregory Lynn

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Its shared hosting and the website sometimes takes forever to load. I am prepared to switch hosts if it will fix the problem.

P.S. My host is HostGator!

Gregory Lynn

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Ok thank you, I am going to change host tonight then. I can not afford to have the website timing out with what little traffic that I get.

Gregory Lynn

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Hostgator has enabled Cloudflare (y) and the website is loading like lighting for me now. So I am going to hold off on the move for 48hrs until I see if there are any more problems.