google adwords landing pages - "website is not globally accessible"


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so I was attempting to create a few test adwords ads to target a few keywords related to our forums, and the ads created that link to the forums were disapproved by google with the following explanation:

"We have escalated your issue to the concerned team and the team mentioned that your website is not globally accessible. Hence I may suggest you to please go ahead and get in touch with your developer and get this repaired and then try re-submitting the ads and that should resolve the issue. "

has anyone ever encountered this before? is this a xenforo thing or setting? server host claims its nothing on their end and there is absolutely no reason that the forum homepage should not load from any country (and there is a separate domain hosted on the exact same server that works just fine with adwords landing pages)

Sadly google support simply keeps repeating the same message without providing any further details. also suggesting I check the domain out using google webmaster tools (which has been configured on this forum for over a decade, and shows nothing amiss)

anyone encountered something like this or similar?

kinda grabbing at straws here as I dont think its a xenforo related thing, but who knows.
further update on this from google support, apparently it got escalated.

they are now claiming that when "google" browses the site it is triggering an IP ban configured on the site and loading the "your ip address has been banned" page from xenforo.

we have a hundred or so blocked ip addresses and subnets via the stopforumspam tool and other tools that provide ip blacklists of known spammers/scammers etc. so removing them all is clearly not an option.

best part is that google support wont actually provide the ip address they are using so i can see which ip ban is triggering it, and or remove that ban. I have to guess that this particular "support" is from an overseas or outsourced call center or similar.
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