XF 2.0 Website down (Unknown mysql server host)

When I go to my xenforo 2 website I get just a white screen. Its hosted on godaddy and this is what they found.

[22-Jan-2022 07:42:47 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught XF\Db\Exception: Unknown MySQL server host 'sonicvisions.db.10993323.af2.hostedresource.net' (0) in /home/g6d0jdzkbrhq/public_html/sonicvisions.org/forum/src/XF/Db/Mysqli/Adapter.php:160

The godaddy agent said:

The MySQL should be localhost as this is a cPanel hosting.

So is this something godaddy has to fix or something I can? thanks.


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Oh I see you are right. I just added the 2 users that are on there. Then refreshed and it didn't work. But that 'i7883521_wp1' user name is not in the config file. In the config file the username is 'sonicvisions'. (The database name is also 'sonicvisions').

When I try to create a username like that I get.

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You need to create a new user and assign it to the database, creating a new database with the same name is not gonna help you :)
Ok so it seems some of my xenporta posts are not present.

I had several posts after march that are not there. Any idea how to get them back ?


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You should contact your host and get them to investigate what happened server side.

Clearly something happened to stop the credentials in the config file from working and to cause content to disappear.

My guess is the site has been restored from an old backup.