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Jon W

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I am pleased to announce that following discussions over the past few weeks, it has been agreed that the entire portfolio of Waindigo add-ons and the Waindigo brand (including the Waindigo website) has been acquired by Audentio.

The Audentio team have already been in contact with all Waindigo customers who had work outstanding and has agreed to continue that work or offer a full refund. I am incredibly grateful to Mike and the Audentio team for the speed at which they have sorted this.

All Waindigo subscriptions will continue unaffected and Audentio will now provide the priority support to those with Gold and Silver subscriptions.

Having worked closely with Audentio on a number of projects over the years, I am confident that they have more than enough expertise and experience to provide Waindigo customers with continued high quality development and support.

There will be a short transition period where the Install and Upgrade by Waindigo and Premium by Waindigo add-ons which require a "call home" to Waindigo servers will continue to make requests to existing servers owned by Waindigo Ltd, which are not owned/managed by Audentio. These servers will remain active during this transition period. Audentio will release the necessary updates to these add-ons, after which time the old servers will be retired.

Due to other commitments, I have decided to step away from developing XenForo add-ons on a full time basis. I will no longer be actively involved in the development of any Waindigo add-ons, although I may provide some support on the forums on an ad-hoc basis.

Add-ons currently pre-released under the "Cake" brand will continue to be owned and maintained by me on a part-time basis. The latest beta updates will be released in the coming days and more details on this can be found at www.forumcake.com.

Thank you all for your understanding.
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So are the bronze and indigo subscriptions ended? I was going to buy one a little while back and could not as you'd closed subscriptions pending the take over.

This is rather bad news for small non-commercial sites who just want branding removal for one or two addons. Or is there another way?
So are the bronze and indigo subscriptions ended? I was going to buy one a little while back and could not as you'd closed subscriptions pending the take over.

This is rather bad news for small non-commercial sites who just want branding removal for one or two addons. Or is there another way?
All Waindigo subscriptions will continue unaffected

It should now be possible to buy subscriptions again from www.waindigo.com.
Hi everyone,

First of all, Jon has been a great friend of mine that I've had the pleasure of working with these many years. Whenever I've been stuck in a situation, I've always been able to count on him.

Naturally this is tough, but Jon has decided he would like to pursue other options; whether with XenForo or otherwise. That is, I'm sure, a very tough choice for him, and he has Audentio Design's support as well many others whom have counted on his vast contributions to XenForo.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors, Jon, and I'm glad we'll still be seeing you from time to time. Cake is an amazing product, and I look forward to seeing it developed further.

Looking forward, we are going to make a few subtle changes:

  1. Prices for premium support will drop and be announced soon, those with current subscriptions will also be able to move to the new pricing structure to save money if they want
  2. Branding removal will be included with any subscription and not expire
  3. Premium features will be merged into the free versions of add-ons at a future date
  4. Because of the above points, API calls will no longer be necessary and therefore removed
  5. All current subscriptions will be honored
  6. Member counts will not have to be reported

I believe this thread can work for any questions or concerns. I realize this can be a bit obtrusive for some so we are going to try to make everything smooth as best we can.

Audentio Design
So are you adding anybody to support Waindigo's products, or are you using your existing resources?
Hi Dave, are you asking if we are adding anyone to our team? If so, no Jon I believe worked alone and he will not be working with us. We have a team of 7 people who will be able to offer premium support, all in-office.
Where can I get support for the add-ons, please? I have a gold subscription, and require assistance with one of the add-ons.
I look forward to seeing what becomes of Waindigo's addons and want to congratulate @Jake B. and @Mike Creuzer of @Audentio Design on the acquisition.

I wanted to personally thank @Jon W for all the quality time, addons and service/support hes given me, my site and users I've sent his way. Seriously @Jon W, I wish you the best in life and I will keep you in my prayers for your future endeavors and hope that you pop around occasionally.

Again thank you for being an awesome developer, friend, outstanding member of the community for with out you, I wouldn't have the things needed to run my site the way I want and most likely wouldn't have such a successful site. You know how to value someone's time and money.

With that in mind, I look forward to making @Audentio Design my full time dev when ever I need something done, I've had great experience paying @Jake B. and talking to him and @Mike Creuzer. I haven't gotten to know the rest of Audentio but I'm sure I will eventually.
Last time I read about an add-on acquisition, it was one of my most-used add-ons being acquired by He Who Shall Not Be Named, an unsavory developer who I'd had a bad experience with. That made me :(

This time I get to read about an add-on acquisition by one of my favorite developers who I've had many great experiences with. This makes me :)
That sounds realy good - and realy better as Jons comercial plans at the beginning this year. ;)
I hope, some would be better now as bevore. :)
Bad news, I have always had bad experience with audentio support. bought 3 products and never get help with any of my tickets or question support.
@Jon W , what will happend with the add-ons I have founded ? should I get now a subscription to get supported ? I know by experience no support will be provided by audentio, so would it be possible to contact you for any issues?
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