1. D

    Other Have a Waindigo copyright? Here's how to remove it.

    Hi there, Waindigo resolved his company, but I still from time to time to see Waindigo copyrights. Wanted to make it clear that if your board has a Waindigo copyright, you can remove this. Easiest way is to add this to EXTRA.css: #waindigoCopyrightNotice {display: none;} Apologies for not...
  2. D

    ThemeHouse and Audentio Design

    Hi all, Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just wanted to make a brief post on the changes that have happened the last week or so regarding Audentio Design and the new ThemeHouse brand. To begin, we are formally introducing ThemeHouse! This is just Audentio Design's brand for all digital...
  3. Jon W

    Other Waindigo acquired by Audentio

    I am pleased to announce that following discussions over the past few weeks, it has been agreed that the entire portfolio of Waindigo add-ons and the Waindigo brand (including the Waindigo website) has been acquired by Audentio. The Audentio team have already been in contact with all Waindigo...
  4. Jon W

    New Modular Add-on System - Looking for Testers

    I've been working on a brand new way of developing add-ons, codenamed "Cake". Add-ons are broken down into individual modules, which makes them easier to manage in various ways. Benefits of this approach include: only enable the modules you need, meaning your site doesn't load redundant...
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