View Pictures across Site on Media Gallery


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We don't want a gallery from threads, but the existing gallery popup window to display all of the users images in their gallery and attachments to allow them to click on an image to insert it into their post (inline).


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@Chris D has there been any more thought given to this? If its not something that's in the cards I was going to throw out a request to have someone develop it. They've got a similar feature on a forum like ours, different platform of course, and a few of my members have been asking about it.

Chris D

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Well the main focus switches back to XF 2.0 after the 1.5 stuff is released so certainly a better candidate for an add on at this stage.

Mike Creuzer

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In lieu of tracking down this repository, could someone point me in the right direction of a resource that can pull in attachments into XMG?
This would be an amazing addon to add images to your gallery straight from posting rather than having to go to the media gallery to upload an image just to share it in a thread.


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Forum nodes and Thread tags would be a useful way to categorize forum images into the media gallery. Then let members rate all attachments and let the system hide all low rated attachments.


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10m posts and 985,000 attachments on my forum...I would love this feature, and many members have asked for it.


We also need this feature. The flow must basically look like this.
1) An "Image/video" button close to the quickreply form (could be the same as the "Upload a File" button, then it just needs to be renamed).
2) Images and videos uploaded this way must also be visible in the media gallery automatically.

What I am trying to say is that it must be easier to upload images and videos for end users at the same time as they are writing a post. They should not need to go via "Media" first.

If the problem is that the media must be categorized then why not just categorize these images and videos as uncategorized?


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@sonnb would love to see this feature in your gallery addon.
Could you create a thread on the request forum ( about the detail? There are some ideas around this thread. For the original idea I do not think it will be available. Thread attachments are separated from the XenGallery. If you wish to see them in XenGallery, you can import at anytime.


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I have users asking for this too.

One saw a photo of something they were interested in recently, but they don't know what thread it was in and now can't find it.

Filtering by forum would help.

Anyone using an add on for this at the moment?
I'm at a loss why attachments are handled the way they are with XF.

Users cannot manage or reuse images that they have attached, thus will upload the same image repeatedly

Administrators cannot set quotas on attachments.

Attachments & Media gallery are completely divorced, effectively orphaning one set while encouraging interaction with the others.

Why not create an attachments album in Media Gallery and have users be able to manage it from there?