XF 1.5 Version number conflict when updating from 1.5.7



Clicking 'Upgrade Xenforo' in my admincp should/will allow me to umm upgrade, yes?

I'm new to this platform and if thats not so, then I stand corrected, however at face value this should be the case, correct?

My problem is that logging in and attempting to upgrade I get a selection of versions that I can chose from (up to 1.5.11)
but when selecting the latest iteration offered (1.5.11) and pressing the 'Upgrade Xenforo button I get a 'No Upgrade Available'
message and told that I'm 'Already running the current version' at 1.5.7.

My question is, am I running the latest version at 1.5.7 and offering me several versions to migrate to is an error OR is
there a problem with the upgrade feature, there is a version 1.5.11 and it simply won't give it to me?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated and kindly see the attached screen captures supporting my claim.


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Chris D

XenForo developer
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We don't actually have an "Upgrade XenForo" feature within the Admin CP as pictured. This might be from an add-on, so if that isn't picking up a version you're choosing you will have to contact the author about that.

The supported way of upgrading is to download the desired version from the Customer Area and upload the files.


Hello Chris,

Thanks for the prompt reply and explanation.

I have just acquired this site and aren't up to speed with XF so I may ask a few questions, forgive me.

With regard upgrading, I will adopt the supported method AND will find the culprit/addon and show it the door.
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Chris D

XenForo developer
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It looks like it could be TH Install & Upgrade or Install & Upgrade by Waindigo, if that helps.

It actually provides a somewhat convenient way to install and upgrade add-ons, too, so it might be worth keeping for that.