Add-on Vb4 threaded and hybrid display options


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Since our recent move from vb to xenforo we are losing a high volume of members because of no threaded display.

Personnaly I am not too keane on threaded view and dont use it but originally our site was full threaded before the move to vbulletin a few years back. So. when we switched lots of members started using the threaded display or hybrid options.

I would like an addon creating to implement these displays as an option for our members. This option doesn't show the forum list as threaded just the posts within a thread.

Threaded displays the threaded view of a thread with the content of the post you have clicked on below.

Hybrid displayed the threaded view above the linear view of a thread.

These display options can be chosen on vb4 forums once a thread title has been clicked on

Obviously a full threaded view including forum list would be great but I don't think it's possible. But if anyone could code an addon to implement these vb4 style threaded displays it would be huge help to our forum and may help stem the loss of members due to now "being like any other forum on the net"