Users reporting they "see another user logged in"

Zachary Ball

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I got these screenshots and a discussion going on about how some users are experiencing a glitch I would assume that involves seeing another user logged in instead of them. They can't actually go into account settings but it will display randomly at times but corrects itself once after a few more redirects.

Any ideas on how to solve or is this new?


This user is not Steve. I know this is the wordpress end of things but it does the same thing within the forum as well. Temporarily the username would change to someone else.
This is almost certainly down to Varnish or something else external. Your main site appears to be Wordpress and I'm getting the same issue there:
It's unlikely to be an add-on. It's more likely to be something caching the output incorrectly (something like Varnish or a different reverse proxy). The face that I saw this on your site in WP itself seems to imply it's not application specific.
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