XF 2.2 User can't see certain threads when logged in


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A long time member of my site (over ten years) says that recently, some (currently popular/active) threads (that he has posted in) aren't visible to him when he is logged in. He can see them if he logs out though. He can access the threads if he clicks a link from an email notification of replies to the thread.

He is experiencing this problem on two different devices - on an ipad tablet and on his PC. He has cleared both cookies and browser cache on both devices but the problem persists. He is using Firefox browser in private mode. I asked him to check FF without private mode, and he says the problem persists.

I cannot see anything amiss in the ACP with his account or with the forum node permissions. The "invisible" threads are visible to everyone else.

I want to help this member troubleshoot the problem, but I'm all out of ideas on what could be causing the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This member just tried using a different browser (Brave) and says he sees the same result: threads visible when logged out, not visible when logged in.

For further context, there is a specific thread he is wanting to see, but can't (when logged in). He can see some threads in the same forum room as the thread in question, just not the thread that he wants to see.
Was the affected thread created by a member it ignores?
Yep. That was the issue. He doesn't remember adding anyone to the ignore list, but the OP of the thread he was wanting to see was on the ignore list somehow. He removed him from the ignore list and all is well again. Thanks again for your help in diagnosing the problem.
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