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Not a bug  Usergroups not changed if missing

Cory Booth

Well-known member
I'm not exactly sure how this happend, but I think I know.
In my VB instance I had the basic groups which included super-moderators.
In my xF instance I decided to no longer have a "super-moderator" and simply move that one person to the admin group with some trimmed permissions.

I *think* I deleted the usergroup the member was in and then tried to move the user to the admin group.
The user clearly shows as an Admin in Admin CP... But, no mater what I did, the user's group never changed in the "level title" - however they were able to do admin stuff.

So I had a user who was an Admin but listed on the forum as a "Guest"

No title over-rides, no custom titles, or anything....

I had to hit the database and manually flip the usertitle field in the user table.


Well-known member
Just to be clear, normally the super moderators in vb are in 'additional user groups', is that the case for your vb instance? Or was that their Primary User Group?

Cory Booth

Well-known member
I didn't use the "secondary" group in VB or XF.
So this would have been a primary group where this person was the only member and this group had it's own permission set (in both systems)

Cory Booth

Well-known member

Had a new user sign up and I went to move him from "Registered" to "Moderating"
Now I flipped the Primary user group to moderating - no change to the user's post-bit title
I physically clicked "Make a Moderator" - no change to the user's post-bit title

User DID have moderator permissions...

No "secondary" groups used at all...

I had to manually flip this: display_style_group_id in the database to finally get the correct user title in post-bit.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I can't reproduce this. I created a group with a high display priority, then made a test user and started playing around with the groups (both primary and secondary), and in every case the user ended up with the correct display_style_group_id.

Can you create a test user and a test group in the ACP and see if you can get it to happen again?


XenForo developer
Staff member
I dealt with this earlier, and it was from an add-on ("new user thread" specifically). Try it with add-ons disabled. Moving to not a bug; if you can reproduce without add-ons, let me know.